Disruptive Technology

Greatcell Solar is creating lower cost renewable electricity that can compete with all forms of energy production, both renewable and conventional.

Solar Innovators

Greatcell Solar is at the forefront of the global development of 3rd Generation Perovskite Solar Cell energy production.

Global Leaders in Solar

Greatcell Solar is the global leader in 3rd Generation Perovskite Solar Cell (PSC) technology.

New Material & Equipment Available

Latest News

Our Live Web-conference regarding the third Quarter (FY 2018) Results, presented by Greatcell’s Managing Director, Richard Caldwell, was held with success on Wednesday, 9th May at 5.30pm (Sydney Time)/ 9.30am (Central European Time e.g. Frankfurt, Zurich etc.).

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Willkommen zur aktuellen Ausgabe von Greatcell Solars Aurora-Newsletter.

In dieser neuen Ausgabe haben wir für Sie interessante Artikel über Greatcell Solars jüngste Fortschritte zusammengestellt.

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Greatcell Solar participates in a number of important projects with universities, institutes, consortia and multi-national companies.

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Only Greatcell Solar has the expertise and capacity to continuously provide the range, quantity and quality of materials to satisfy your every need.