As an Australian clean-tech company developing clean energy solutions for global energy needs, Greatcell Solar has continuously demonstrated its strong commitment to promoting sustainability not only through our innovative renewable energy technology but also through environmental sustainability initiatives in our business operations, social responsibility to the wider community, and corporate responsibility to our shareholder base.

Two key aspects of Greatcell Solar’s business operations and philosophy make it an environmentally sustainable business and investment option:

  1. Greatcell Solar’s Perovskite Solar Cell technology is a sustainable, renewable, clean energy technology; and
  2. Greatcell Solar’s everyday business operations are conducted in an environmentally conscious way.

Greatcell Solar is proud to have been recognised for its environmental sustainability efforts and innovations for both its products and its operational conduct many times in recent years.

Australian and International Awards and Recognition for Greatcell Solar

2009 – Ethical Investor Australian Sustainable Small Company of the Year; ACT Chief Minister’s Export Award

2010 – Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer Award

2012 – Australian Clean Energy Council Innovation Award; Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards

2013 – Australia’s Coolest Company

2016 – AFR/Inventium Australia’s 5th Most Innovative Company

International Awards for Professor Michael Grätzel (Inventor of DSC/PSC)

2010 – Millennium Technology Prize

2011 – Gutenberg Research Award

2012 – Albert Einstein World Award of Science; Swisselectric Research Award

2013 – Marcel Benoist Prize; Leigh Ann Conn Prize for Renewable Energy

2017 – Global Energy Prize

Industry Standards and Stock Indices

2013 – DR Reuter Investor Relations, Socially Responsible Investment Snapshot

Australian Clean Tech Index

Perovskite Solar Cell technology has the lowest embodied energy of any solar technology.  We endeavour to minimise energy and water usage in manufacturing operations by adoption of low energy processes, energy saving measures and recycling of waste solvents (see our environmental policy here).  New processes are under continuous development to reduce the energy used in manufacture.

oekom Corporate Responsibility Ratings/Reports

Greatcell’s current oekom rating is the subject of further discussion and review as we consider the most recent report was superficial and misrepresented our position on sustainability. We expect any future rating will positively rerate us given our adherence to best practice in key activities.

2008 – oekom Corporate Responsibility Rating

2010 – oekom Corporate Responsibility Rating

April 2017 – oekom Corporate Responsibility Rating

Sustainability in Business Operations

Greatcell Solar has implemented an energy strategy including best practice energy efficiency in its own facilities.  At Greatcell Solar’s headquarters in Queanbeyan, we have included lining walls and ceilings with insulating wall batts, fitting entry doors with door closers to minimise the influx of outside un-conditioned air on air-conditioning systems.  The air-conditioning systems use ozone friendly refrigerants, and use minimum outside air quantities to refresh air quality and provide occupant comfort. Electronic control systems provide the ability to control individual air conditioning systems to serve after hours of operation independently.

Energy efficient T5 lighting with individual switching of local areas and time control operation of lighting has been installed, as well as time controls on under bench hot water units for point-of-use application, and pipe lagging to all supply line reduce heat waste in the water system.

Water tanks have been installed to hold storm water which will be used to water our garden during drought years. Our paper, brochures and other marketing materials are recyclable.  Our staff are encouraged to use the paper, glass and plastics recycling bins provided.

Greatcell Solar has a deep awareness of the importance of making our footprint in the world and in our local community a positive one from an environmental perspective. To that end we have implemented a number of strategies to improve our efficient use of resources and aim for sustainability in business operations.