GSL Commercialisation Schedule
Greatcell Solar seeks to exploit its IP in partnership with large, multi-national manufacturers which enjoy access to ‘in-country’ government financial assistance and well developed routes to market. This is known as a ‘capital light’ business model. Early stage commercialisation projects are being developed in Australia, China and Turkey. It is focussing on the solar enablement of two principal substrates, glass and steel and has a commercialisation schedule aiming to produce PSC PV product for sale by 2019.
GSL Project

Greatcell Solar participates in a number of important projects with universities, institutes, consortia and multi-national companies. These projects address and seize on opportunities for collaboration in the key areas of research, development, scale-up and manufacture, and distribution. The nature of these arrangements is defined by either a memorandum of understanding, a collaboration agreement, a contract research agreement, a technology partnership in a consortium or a distribution option. We also participate in a number of Horizon 2020 Projects in Europe and the UK which brings additional relationships.
Scale Up & Manufacture