MS Code: Spectrometer
Product Details

Greatcell Solar’s miniature spectrometers are fiber optically coupled instruments with a wide selection of models for measurements in 200-1150nm wavelength ranges. Various models provide a choice of grating range and slit resolutions. New and improved electronics with a high speed 16-bit digitizer allows for fast data acquisition and a signal to noise of 1000:1

Ruggedized– The detachable spectrograph assembly and control electronics are protected inside a rugged metal enclosure, suitable for portable, process, lab, and field applications. Multi-unit connection (up to 8) can be daisy chained together and are able to run simultaneously. USB Powered – Greatcell Solar’s miniature spectrometers can be powered directly from your PC USB-2 port. A single strand fiber optic cable or probe assembly delivers input via standard SMA 905 fiber optic connector with a choice of cable lengths. The spectrograph optics are exceptionally robust in a vibration tolerant modular design, with no moving parts. Onboard Memory with pre-set calibrations and spectrometer settings and snap shot memory to provide instantaneous spectral image from the highly sensitive CCD with 2048. High Speed Electronic Interface can be attached directly to a computers USB port for high speed data transfer. Options for Wifi/ethernet communication available as well as other interfaces.

Use : Use Greatcell Solar’s Spectrometer to measure light source spectrum and qualify it.
Specifications :
Physical Dimensions

Light Chamber: Length 134 mm, Width 89 mm, Height 32 mm


Light Chamber: < 1 Kg

Spectrometer Software

The powerful spectrometer software, provided free of charge, with every spectrometer instrument. This includes drivers and customizable software for Windows. The software is considered the “Swiss Army Knife of Spectroscopy” and may be used to accurately measure wavelength emissions, reflectance, transmission, absorption, concentrations, and absolute intensities. In addition to real-time spectroscopy, Software has built-in applications for SpectroRadiometry, SpectroColorimetry, ChemWiz chemistry lab concentration analyzer, and UV level monitors.