Reference Cell
MS Code: Reference Cell
Product Details

The Reference cell provides the user with a rapid method for measure light source incident power.

Reference cells are cutting-edge equipment for manufacturers of PV modules, laboratories and EPC contractors (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) worldwide.

For different photovoltaic cell technologies and other applications we are providing tailored solutions for our customers. High efficiency Greatcell Solar’s monocrystalline silicon solar cells guarantee the most precise and long-term stable reference cells available and the embedded PT100 thermocouple allows user to monitor precisely the reference cell temperature during its usage.

Use : Use Greatcell Solar’s reference cell to measure Light source incident power.
Specifications :
FeaturesDescriptionBenefit / Additional Information
High quality monocrystallin silicon Cell

W 20 mm X L 20 mm

Suitable for indoor applications

Case Physical Dimensions

W 70 mm X L 79 mm X H 17 mm

Compact case suitable to be used in indoor applications

Case materials

black anodized aluminium

mechanically stable



Easy connection

Temperature sensors

Pt100 (4-wire) integrate

Precise temperature value

Model 1


Cheaper than certified model, particularly suitable for daily use, it is calibrated through a direct comparison with a certified reference cell

Model 2


Reference cell provided is certified from a qualified entity, cell is accompanied by an official certificate.