Light soaking Chamber MH
MS Code: Light soaking Chamber MH
Product Details

Greatcell Solar’s Light Soaking Chamber MH will enable you to soak your Cells with emulated sunlight and control light soaking experiments through a number of specific control features. The Light Soaking Chamber was developed to facilitate long term performance and stability testing of solar cells and/or tiles. The chamber is fitted with a high power metal halide lamp which provides about 130,000 Lux, but is of a non-conforming spectral output for solar simulation. The interior irradiation chamber has a footprint of 30x40 cm and a height of 27 cm.

The optional irradiation controller gives to end user the possibility to control the dose in terms of Lux per minute or W/m2 per minute. The optional irradiation controller measures the dose with a precise sensor calibrated against a PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) reference.

The Light Soaking Chamber has a system of integrated cooling fans and vents in order to maintain thermal stability of devices being tested. For optimal thermal stability the Light Soaking Chamber should be placed in an air conditioned room.

Use : Use Greatcell Solar’s Light Soaking Chamber MH to illuminate solar cells with emulated sunlight, accelerate cell aging, and conduct long term performance and stability testing of cells or tiles.
Specifications :
Interior chamber 30 cm x 40 cm x 27 cm
Physical dimension
 50 cm  x 57 cm x 65 cm

about 40 kg

Mains  230 VAC, 3,5 A
Power consumption 

1050 W (3 tube with 350 W)


medium pressure for general illumination

 Lamp lifetime

10.000 h

Lamp Performance 

130.000 LUX at 72 lm/W

Lamp cooling  

Air cooling with fan

Sample temperature 

separate cooling (fan) op-tional to allow maintenance by user

Operation temperature

10 to 40 °C


< 80%, non-condensing