Greatcell Energy
Our Company

Greatcell Energy Limited is a new company, built on the back of 20 years of history in 3rd generation solar technologies.

Our focus is on Perovskites – compounds with a particular crystal structure that can also convert light into power like silicon.

According to Wikipedia:

  • PSCs can be produced at a fraction of the cost
  • PSCs can be up to 1000x thinner
  • PSCs can be applied to most any surface
  • PSCs can be partly opaque.
  • PSCs are more efficient in low and variable light
  • PSCs have higher cell voltage and better spectral absorption

In short, PSC can turn almost surface into an energy source!

“Perovskite solar cells are currently the fastest advancing solar technology”

Greatcell Energy, is uniquely positioned to commercialize the technology.

Our first product is micro-power cells to power IoT devices.

Greatcell Energy
Our History

1991: Michael Graetzel develops the Graetzel cell utilizing titanium oxide and organic dye, launching decades of research on what has become 3rd generation solar technologies.

2000: Sylvia and Gavin Tulloch acquire dye solar cell (DSC) technology from Sustainable Technologies International Pty Ltd and Greatcell Solar S.A.

2004: Gavin and Sylvia Tulloch founded Dyesol Limited incorporating the purchased DSC technology, and becomes a world leader in 3rd generation solar technology, especially low light technologies for photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation.

2005: Dyesol Limited listed on the Australian Stock Exchange [ASX:DSL]. It’s business plan is to earn revenue from

  1. the manufacture, sale and installation of DSC turnkey manufacturing solutions;
  2. the supply of special manufacturing and research equipment;
  3. the supply of materials for DSC products; and
  4. technology development and support, including providing services under contract to strategic partners.

2005-2010: Collaborations and partnerships with industrial and government entities in UK,

Switzerland, Italy, USA, Germany, Korea, Singapore and China. The company grew to become the industrialworld leader in the field and the market capitalisation of the company on the ASX rose to a high of $155 million in April 2010.

2012: Gavin Tulloch leaves the board of Greatcell Limited
2014: Sylvia Tulloch leaves the board of Greatcell Limited.

2016: Greatcell limited focused on building a large scale solar glass products for commercial applications, their Major Area Demonstration (MAD) prototype project.

2018:The company could not secure funding for this MAD project, and after exhausting its funding options, the Directors (at the time) chose to appoint administrators to the Company.

2019: Recognizing that there are many commercial applications for Perovskite technology, especially for small scale cells, the original founders, Gavin & Sylvia Tulloch, formed a rescue team.

2020: Greatcell Energy Limited purchases all the intellectual property, and all the equipment from Greatcell Solar Limited and its subsidiaries.

The business plan is to focus first on using PSC to provide micro-power to IoT devices.

Greatcell Energy can already make these micro-power devices. We will build in pilot plant and are have a number of IoT providers interested in working with us.